The People Must Makan Fundraiser

I’ve taken it upon myself to collect donations to purchase & distribute food supplies to local communities that are currently struggling. For the donators, I’ve offered to gift my drone panoramic image of south Bali.

Bali Drone Photo Indo Eye

In my first week, I’ve received over 70 donations from more than 15 countries around the world through my personal network. Locally, I’ve been working with @balilifefoundation amongst other influential residents in our community to locate individuals and families that are struggling during this economic crisis.

With all of the donations, I’ve handled all purchasing of the food and distribution in local communities. I’ve documented every purchase and delivery and diligently post daily updates on my social media platforms.

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So much has changed economically in these last weeks and sadly the upcoming weeks will only be more difficult. I hope to offset as much as I can and encourage everyone to try for the same however they can.
Please spread the word, spread positivity in your environment & uplift one another so we overcome these challenging times stronger than we entered them.

The People Must Makan ✊

GoFundMe Update Feb 2021:

“I firstly want to say that we appreciate each one of you for your generous support and kind heart to help the people here in Bali. With your donations, totaling over 550 million IDR (~$39k USD), we were able to provide basic food supplies to over 3000 families during the pandemic crisis. What a tremendous impact for so many during a very struggling time! Bravo!

In these last months as our world has continued to try and adapt to what they call the “new normal” we have seen a lot of relocations and modified lifestyles. People that worked in tourism in touristic areas have moved back to their home villages and reverted to a more primitive style of income sourcing. Sadly, many have had to give up assets and make sacrifices to be able to continue to eat and live. It will be a long road to normalcy but we must take the most positive perspective in admitting this was a learning lesson and a reset that hopefully everyone can find something positive from.

As for the initiative The People Must Makan, all of the donations that I have received in the last 4 months have gone directly to the BaliLife Foundation towards their continuous efforts of organizing and executing food distributions. Today I will transfer them a final donation sum from the last few months so that we can setup a few final food distributions together. And I will be closing this GoFundMe campaign.

Moving forward, any inquiries I receive for donations will be referred directly to BaliLife to help their efforts in providing relief during this pandemic.

If you have any interest in providing additional support, or have any questions regarding how Bali is doing you are always welcome to contact me directly.

This initiative that started from a small idea snowballed into a massive impact to over 12,000 struggling individuals. I am so humbled by the global support that entrusted me to make the best possible use of their donations and how beautiful of an experience I had to be able to put forth this kindness into powerful positive impact. The amount of smiles, tears, and gratitude I felt from the recipients will forever be imprinted emotions and memories going forward in my life. You all were a part of that love that was shared and felt. So THANK YOU for such powerful energy during a time the world needed it the most.

I wish all of your a more prosperous, liberating, and healthy year in 2021 and hope our paths will cross again at some point, in whatever way possible.

Terima Kasih Banyak – Matur Suksme  (Thank you very much)



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